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Father and Son Mover Boston

Father and Son Boston is a moving company that celebrated its 100th year in operation back in 2008. We are a family-owned company that has seen four generations from our family manage a team of Boston movers. When a Boston mover comes to work for us, we consider him or her to be part of the family as well. However, before we extend that invitation, all movers and drivers are required to pass an extensive background check. This includes a criminal history screening, drug test, check of the applicant's driving record and references from previous employers or customers. It is only when all of these areas meet our satisfaction that we offer a new applicant the opportunity to become part of the Father and Son Boston family.

At Father and Son Boston, we can help you move regardless of the type of dwelling where you currently reside. We have assisted people in private homes, townhomes, apartment buildings and other living situations to move to a place that is more suitable for their current needs. We also provide service to business customers that are moving from one office building to another or even from one floor to another in the same building.

When our movers unload your belongings at your new location, our service doesn't stop there. We provide you with careful and professional unpacking services as well. After more than a century in the moving business, we know that one of the most overwhelming aspects for people to deal with is seeing moving boxes everywhere they look and knowing how much more work needs to be done. With the help of our professional Boston movers, you can be unpacked and feeling at home faster than you could with any other moving company.

If your business needs to relocate, we will assist you with the entire planning aspect of your upcoming move. Office relocations can be time-consuming and seem to have endless details, but we will help you to cover all your bases. When moving day comes, we will schedule it at a time that is most convenient for your business and your customers. We understand that time is money and any time not serving customers is money you have to lose. Our movers will be as efficient as possible in getting all of your office equipment prepared for moving. We will then help you to set up in your new location.

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